Guide about safari outfit


Are you packing for your first safari to Africa, and the question appears – what clothes to wear on safari? Don’t worry- we’ve put together a one-stop guide on packing for your safari.

  • Safari clothes

The right clothing and personal items on your Tanzania safari keep you safe and comfortable and increases your enjoyment of the trips. Comfortable loose-fitting clothes that you can layer are the best – cotton, lightweight shirts, fleece jackets, sandals and closed walking shoes. Long trousers that zip off at the knee are good options and will also reduce your packing load. Formal clothing is not necessary if you don’t have a special event. Bring only clothing that you do not mind getting soiled. Important are also sun hats and sunglasses. Don’t forget to apply sunblock frequently to all exposed areas- you are under the strong equatorial sun.

  • Safari clothes -shoes

Depending on your itinerary chose your shoes. There’s no need for hiking shoes if you have the only game drive, as you will be spending most of your safari wildlife viewing in a vehicle. Save the weight in your luggage!
But if you have a planned hiking excursion on your itinerary, we recommended take appropriate footwear such as hiking boots or walking safari shoes for long hikes or game walks; we generally recommend walking shoes for utmost comfort due to the rugged ground exposure in Tanzania.

The goal is to pack lightly. Most of the safari accommodations in Tanzania offer next day laundry services, generally at a small cost), so you can limit the amount of clothing you take. If you are flying between camps/reserves, you will need to keep in mind luggage restrictions. Small aircraft usually have a baggage limit of around 20kg, and usually, hard, wheeled suitcases are not accepted.

  • Safari clothes -colours

Avoid bright, white and dark colors; it is better to blend in than stand out, so neutral-toned clothing is best – such as khaki, light bark or mid-tone brown, beige, olive and green, the typical colors used for safari clothing. Black and blue clothing attracted tsetse flies.Tsetse flies Mosquitoes are a problem in Tanzania, and the best way to protect against these insects is by wearing long pants, long-sleeved shirts, socks, and shoes. Insect repellent is also highly recommended, if not binding in most locations.

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Don’t think Africa is hot 24/7. There is a large temperature range each day and it is recommended to wear layers enabling you to adjust to the varying temperatures. Early mornings and nights can quite colder than you may expect.

What to wear in Zanzibar

The locals of Zanzibar and many parts of Africa are Muslim, and there is no flexibility in the dress code. We suggest respecting their way of life with a completely open mind and heart.
Please dress modestly and on the conservative side when sightseeing in Stone Town or visiting anywhere outside of the beach resorts in Zanzibar. Women should not wear sleeveless or revealing tops and short skirts or thigh-high shorts or bare midriff (Capri trousers or at least knee-length shorts are fine). Men should wear shirts, pants or knee-length shorts.

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