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Save Tourism. The tourism industry is one of the largest sectors of the economy. According to The World Economic Forum (WEF), travel and tourism contribute around $ 9 trillion a year to the global economy and account for around 10 percent of all business activity. The council estimates travel and tourism account for 320 million jobs worldwide.

The tourism industry in many developing countries is often one of the main sources of livelihood for local society. Tourism is currently the largest in history voluntary cash transfer from rich to poor. Travelers consciously can redistribute money from developed countries to developing countries. Even considering the criticism of the impact of tourism on water scarcity and waste management in developing areas, the industry is a large global employer. Tourism also has an undeniably positive impact on local communities and on reducing poverty.

Save tourism

Today tourism is in trouble. The outbreak of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is a major and evolving challenge for the tourism sector. Because the pandemic keeps billions of people at home, this sector has experienced an immediate crisis. Governments close their borders, and people around the world stay weeks at home to stop the spread of coronavirus. Companies are fighting for survival. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) reports that up to 50 million jobs in the tourism industry are threatened worldwide due to the current pandemic. It is expected that this will particularly affect small and medium-sized enterprises (which account for around 80% of the tourism sector). This affects not only people who want to travel, but also people who have a job in the tourism industry. Many nations rely on foreign tourists, but the most severe economic havoc will probably be seen in countries that rely on tourism as a tool to stimulate their development and economic integration.

Tanzania is home to thousands of guides, drivers, porters, receptionists, a maid and many other people working in the tourism industry. In addition, owners of small shops with handicrafts, local eateries, farmers – food suppliers to restaurants and hotels. The list of people using the influx of tourists is long. And all of these people suddenly lost their jobs overnight and lost their livelihoods. We, the owners of tourism companies, try to support our employees and partners, but soon it will prove impossible for us.

Support us

The COVID-19 challenge also provides an opportunity to show how solidarity can go beyond borders. The tourism sector, like no other social impact business, is based on interaction between people and it is now that travelers can get involved in the future of tourism. We are waiting impatiently for free walks to the park, trips, travels close and further. Our desires and plans will not come true without the tourism industry.

You are able to help and support us. We do not expect donations but a little bit of good intentions and flexibility.

  • As an entrepreneur, the overarching goal is to avoid panic. Therefore, we wholeheartedly support the #PostponeItDoNotCancel action. It is a unique concept that creates the opportunity for tourists who are sure that they will not lose their invested money, and the tourism industry will help maintain financial liquidity after the crisis. Have you made a reservation for the trip? A trip? Hotel stay? Dinner at a restaurant? Do not cancel! Change the booking date. You will ask: when? Nobody knows, but we offer open bookings for up to 10 months.
  • Plan your future holiday today. Today dream, fulfillment tomorrow. We are introducing a special sale of discount vouchers that can be paid for every safari, honeymoon, holiday trip etc. from our offer. The coupons are valid until 31.03.2021. The coupons will be on sale by the end of May 2020 *.

The € 100 worth  coupons will be sold for € 90.

The € 200 coupons will be sold for € 170.

The € 500 nominal will be sold at a price of € 400.

* Purchase is confirmed after the payment is credited to the account. Vouchers can be purchased as gift cards or a voucher in the name. Changing names is allowed; in this case, the current owner should inform Hello Tanaznia about the transfer of the voucher to another person and provide their details. The voucher cannot be combined with other offers, i.e. Cannot be used to purchase a special offer with an additional discount.


Did you like the idea? I warmly urge all colleagues from the industry, partners and tourists to be solidarity and support each other during this difficult time. It is important that as many people as possible find out about it. Each of us is a tourist, and every country is a tourist attraction.

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Let´s save tourism together!

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