Prison Island, Stone Town, Jozani Forest

Zanzibar Excursion- History and nature, 3 in 1

Prison Island Tour

        Zanzibar Excursion- Prison Island Tour

  • The main attraction is the Turtle Sanctuary, which houses a large giant tortoise colony brought from Seychelles at the end of the 19th century. The average weight of these creatures is 200 kg, and many of them are over 150 years old. There will be an opportunity to touch the turtle and take photos. The island is also home to a colony of beautiful peacocks.
  • Another highlight of a trip to Prison Island is the prison that gave the island its name. The prison was built in 1893 and was originally intended for brutal inmates from the mainland. The name is confusing because the building was never really used as a prison, instead, it was a quarantine station for yellow fever cases. Currently, the building serves as a tourist guesthouse.
  • The island is also linked to the infamous history of slavery; the island located just off the coast of Stone Town was once a place where slaves were kept.
  • A trip to Prison Island is an ideal proposition for those who love swimming and snorkeling. The seabed is full of sea creatures and the reef around the island is really beautiful.
  • And those who just want to relax, we invite you to a small sandy beach on the island where no one will disturb you in resting under the sun, surrounded by the turquoise ocean.

Stone Town Tour

Zanzibar Excursion-Stone Town , also known as Miji Mkongwe, which means “Old Town” in Swahili. This legendary site presents a beautiful and unique blend of Indian, Persian, Arabian, and European elements, and the name “Stone Town ” comes from the use of coral stone as the main construction material for the construction of walls and buildings. Stone Town was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000.

Stone Town is a very lively place. Walking through a maze of streets too narrow for cars to drive, you can see mosques, churches, and temples. The tour takes approximately three hours. While exploring the city, the guide will take you on a historical and cultural journey through the most interesting places in the city, including the old slave market, Darajani market, House of Miracles, Old Fort, Sultan’s Palace, Hanami baths, the most important churches and much more.

Jozani Forest Tour

Zanzibar Excursion- Jozani Forest is located 38 km southeast of Stone Town. Jozani Forest, also known as Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, is the only national park on the island of Zanzibar. It is best known for the Colobus monkeys that can only be seen in Zanzibar. About 20 years ago, monkeys were threatened with extinction. This tendency was reversed thanks to the conservation project. About 6,000 red colobuses live in the Jozani Forest. The forest is also home to around 40 different species of birds and around 50 species of butterflies. Here you can see what the mangroves are, which are extremely important to the ecosystems of Zanzibar, providing habitat for many lizards, snakes and birds, and preventing coastal erosion. In fact, Jozani Forest is a place where many plants and trees grow from which natural remedies come. For this reason, sometimes referred to as Jozani forest is called a natural pharmacy.

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